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Music influences our lives every day. We listen to music day in and day out, and sometimes just listening to the right song at the right time can make a difference. I was raised in a musical atmosphere, and music rolled me back into reality whenever I felt down or not myself. Not everyone is into music, but music severely touches your life if you’re like me.

Music inclines to get me over everything I go through in life. There are changed genres of music out there: pop, country, hip-hop, contemporary Christian, etc. Every tune and song that has been established conveys a specific deep significant meaning in its lyrics. When life tends to hit me down, music uplifts and encourages me to try harder and never give up.

Therefore, It’s a way for me to continue with everything good and bad that goes on in this world music pulls us through it. That calming sound and inspiring lyric help me realize who and what I am and where I should stand amid changes. Just as some people have something to be of meaning in their lives, We have music to fall on. The piece’s in our souls. The tiredness of the music awakens our hearts; the rhythm or the note in a song enables our mind to connect to our heart; it leads us to where we always wanted to go.

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We Love the diversity and depth of! The best of the best music from around the world for your listening pleasure with a worldwide flavor mix of music played daily.
Julia Estelle
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